Write a cover page for a state tax lien

History[ edit ] Prior to the invention of title insurance, buyers in real estate transactions bore sole responsibility for ensuring the validity of the land title held by the seller. If the title were later deemed invalid or found to be fraudulent, the buyer lost his investment.

Write a cover page for a state tax lien

A document must be typed, legible and capable of photographic reproduction. All corrections must be initialed by proper authorities.

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The document must be dated. The acknowledgment date should not predate the date of execution of the document by the party whose signature is acknowledged.

The document must be for Philadelphia property and contain a metes-and-bounds description as well as the street address of the property referred to in the document.

The document must have the names of all parties typed in the OR and EE captions. The names in the OR caption, the execution and the acknowledgment must conform with each other. In the case of a conveyance by a corporation, partnership, or any entity other than an individual, a properly authorized officer is required to execute the document.

When other officers or agents execute the document, a resolution or power of attorney must accompany the document authorizing the officer to execute on behalf of the corporation. The document must have a formal acknowledgment not sworn and subscribed by a notary public, and must include the following: The acknowledgement may be made outside of the United States before a commercial attach?

All deeds must have the grantee's address certified by the grantee or designee. All mortgages and assignments of mortgage must have a certificate signed by the mortgagee, assignee or person entitled to interest, or a duly authorized attorney or agent, stating the precise residence of such mortgagee, assignee or person entitled to interest.

The consideration stated must be total and complete. The required written amount must match the numerical amount. If the consideration is not stated in total on the face of the document, it must either be stated or explained on the Philadelphia Realty Transfer Tax Certification and the State's Realty Transfer Tax Statement of Value form.

If claiming an exemption from the transfer tax, the reason for exemption should be stated on these forms. Deeds must be accompanied by all applicable transfer taxes unless exempted and completed City and State transfer tax certifications the City certification is required in duplicate. Payment of the City transfer tax, the State transfer tax, and all applicable recording fees must be made by separate checks.

Each deed requires separate checks in the correct amounts for the applicable transfer taxes. For the State tax, the check must be payable to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The check for the City tax must be payable to the City of Philadelphia. However, please be sure to include a complete street address and, when necessary, such other description that will adequately describe the property.

The City would not be able to make a determination as to when an address alone would not be sufficient to describe the property. If for some reason you determine that an address would be insufficient, it is recommended that a legal description be attached In order to release property from the lien of a mortgage of record, a Release-of-Mortgage form is required.

Each document must comply with six technical requirements: Instruments must be legible and suitable for imaging. Each page of an instrument must be 8. Pages must be printed on one side only. First page, 3-inch margin at the top with the left hand containing "Prepared by" and "Return to" party name, address and telephone number and a 1-inch margin on the other sides.

write a cover page for a state tax lien

All other pages, 1-inch margin on all sides. All pages, including attachments, must be numbered sequentially. All information required for recording purposes must be at least point font in size and printed in black ink.A cigarette tax stamp is a wax stamp that shows that the state tax has been paid for a specific pack of cigarettes.

Each state uses its own tax stamp design. Oregon-licensed distributors purchase stamps from us. Sample Medical Lien Form. PDF download: How to file a lien – State of California. webkandii.com Complete the form. Be sure to sign and date it.

Lienholder Driver License or EIN* Lienholder Name (if no lien, write NONE). Legal Status. Or And And/Or Names will appear on the title as in. The address for tax statements must appear on the first page, or the document will be rejected (ORS ) (if deed or contract) Judgment or warrant amount for Clerk Lien Record document; A cover sheet, containing all the required information, may be recorded for an additional $ fee.

You may write the information outside the seal. The Orange County Comptroller’s Official Records Department records, creates an index, and archives all of the documents that constitute the Official Records of Orange County. When you have an unpaid tax bill with the IRS, your state, your city, or your county, a tax lien can be filed in an effort to force you to pay your outstanding tax obligation..

Liens exist to protect the right of the government to claim your personal property (money or actual property) if you do not pay your taxes. how do I file a claim with turbo tax for a tax lien.

need to file claim for tax webkandii.com tax percent guarantee of calculation for tax returns. Comment. Asked by patrickjustincam; TurboTax Free Edition Options Edit Ask for details Archive. Be clear and state the answer right up front.

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