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Written by Karen Hastings Australia is a land of dreams. From the sacred legends of the aboriginal Dreamtime, when the great spirits conjured the coral reefs, rainforests, and scorched red deserts, to armchair travelers who describe Australia as their dream destination, the Land Down Under deserves all the hype. The world's smallest continent and largest island, Australia is almost the same size as the United States but with a population the size of New York State and some of the quirkiest wildlife on the planet. Australia is also a land of staggering contrasts and spectacular beauty.

Tourist destinations

So what's the first? The emphatic answer, says market researcher Euromonitor International, is Hong Kong. Attracting an impressive The influx, chiefly accounted for by mainland Chinese visitors, kept Hong Kong at the forefront of Euromonitor's annual Top City Destinations survey for the fifth year in succession.

London, which last crowned the list inpulled in a mere Euromonitor's list is compiled from data from 57 "core" countries, using national statistics and info from airports, hotels and other tourism Tourist destinations sources.

The company says the latest figures, fromshow geopolitical tensions and successful marketing campaigns swaying tourist decisions. Fluctuating fortunes But despite fluctuating fortunes for some key destinations, it says tourism remains an upward trend with all but a few cities improving on visitor numbers.

That said, Euromonitor warns of interesting times ahead for some of the main players. It says Hong Kong's reliance on Chinese tourists is a weakness as their increasing affluence takes them further afield -- a situation likely to be exacerbated by recent protests there against mainland Chinese travelers.

London's expensive reputation and the fact that its airports are nearing capacity could also see it losing out to European rivals, Euromonitor says.

As for Singapore, "limited natural attractions" and a reputation as a business rather than leisure destination could see it struggle to "remain relevant" against low-cost alternatives like Thailand. Istanbul, currently ranked ninth, is identified by Euromonitor as "one to watch. Click through the above gallery to see the top 25 most visited cities.Here is the list of top 25 most visited tourist destinations in America (according to Forbes) The list includes the thundering falls of Niagara, it also features the harrowing water-chutes of Disneyland’s and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Tourist destinations

Photo courtesy of Flickr user craigemorsels. The charming medieval city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, located in the Franconia region of Bavaria in Germany, has become a tourist hot spot. The 5,foot climb to the top of Half Dome is the most strenuous of Yosemite Valley’s day hikes, and it’s the last feet that are the most dangerous.

It’s a near-vertical climb, and.

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Drakensberg Tourist Map Accommodation, activities, weddings and more is much more than just a map. Its a travel guide to accommodation and activities in both the Drakensberg and the Natal Midlands. Deciding where to go in Costa Rica can be a bit overwhelming, because the country’s incredible biodiversity and variable climate offers a .

Madhya Pradesh tourist destinations attract visitors from all over the world for wildlife safaris, world heritage sites and sculptured temples.

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