The sniper essay

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The sniper essay

We can see the author indicated the idea of cruelty, irrational, and futility of the war from the story, The Sniper. The cruelty of the war is hinted throughout the story by the action of the young sniper. In war, there are no boundaries for ages, gender, location, time of the day, and family ties.

This young sniper would be a typical example for its cruelty. As he killing the man from the tank and the old woman, he only see things only in term of warfare, but unaware of The sniper essay futile attempt to turn the tide of the war to the benefit of the Republican and of his killing innocent people.

A numerous of women, children and the elderly are killed in this civil war. The sweat stood out on his forehead.

The sniper essay

He revolted from the sight of the shattered mass of his dead enemy. His teeth chattered, he began to gibber himself, cursing the war, cursing himself, cursing everybody. Now, he feels disgusted when he looks the mass of his dead enemy and begins to abhor the war and himself.

From Irish civil wars in the story, the irrational of the war is inferred. Whenever the war happened, the soldiers were reduces from human beings to mere objects. Each of the individual in war becomes the target to be shot by the weapons from the range.

War becomes the futile attempt for young people who do not know who they will be killing in the battle.

The sniper essay

The important moral to be learned from war is that there is no winner in war. Irish civil war is a double-edged sword and a controversial dilemma. Not only the war does not bring the beneficial result for the Irish people, but also separates families and having a huge impact on society and humanity in general.

Moreover, the civil war claims a large number of lives and splits in the military forces, which the soldier of the forces killed their friends, relative or even their family in the opposing forces.

Basically, this civil war created the huge hatred and history of violence between the people in the same nation. The futile of the war can be seen from the young sniper and the consequences of Irish civil war itself. Since there is no winner in the war, the countries or forces on both sides will lose especially the life of their people, and followers.

Looking at the story, the young sniper himself finds the truth terrible waste of war when he turns over the dead man he has killed is his brother.The Sniper by Liam O'Flaherty Essay examples - The Sniper by Liam O'Flaherty As a socialistic society we live in we find ourselves in positions were conflicts arise between friends or family.

'The Sniper'; was written by Liam O ' Flaherty to express a subtle yet powerful opinion on such a conflict. Free Essays words | ( pages) | Preview Contradicting Character of The Sniper - Contradicting Character of The Sniper In this Irish war we have two sides, but this can . The Sniper Essay.

Words | 4 Pages. The Sniper "The Sniper" places a strong emphasis on the evils of war, and yet paints a vivid image of mankind's qualities and their society.

Employing the technique of describing one particular sniper to symbolise a general subject, readers are able to gain a deep insight into the evils of war.

American Sniper Essay Words | 6 Pages “Al-Shaitan” “The American Sniper” by Chris Kyle is an account of the deadliest American sniper ever, called “the devil” by the enemies he hunted and “the legend” by his Navy SEAL brothers.

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