The effect of the western culture on the unangan people

Messenger When most of us think about the medical approach that dominates in Western countries, we tend to view it as scientific and therefore as neutral, not influenced by social or cultural processes. Yet research undertaken by anthropologists and sociologists has revealed the influence that social and cultural assumptions play in the western biomedical tradition. It highlights the importance of doctors and other health professionals understanding that their patients from another culture that may hold different beliefs about illness and may experience poorer quality health care as a result of communication breakdowns. Medical anthropologists have identified several such cultural belief systems among non-western cultures.

The effect of the western culture on the unangan people

They suspect that Western goods, clothes, foods, festivals, style, language, and moreover Western thought is spreading across the populace. The purpose of this article is to look at the many reasons that cause such fears and analyze them by comparing with reality.

The analysis however, would probably apply in equal measure to those Indians of other religious persuasions as well. An analysis on these lines may give us a good handle on the topic and provide a reasonably complete picture.

Festivals and religious practices Indians now celebrate a wide variety of festivals cutting across religious lines. The fact that a large number of youngsters have taken to celebrating these has aroused substantial fears leading to even threats of, and in many cases real, physical violence.

Though Christmas is an important religious festival for Christians many Hindus celebrate Christmas. Whatever be the cause, it has gained popularity. In a manner, many Indians have adopted these as general non-religious festivals.

Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated publicly in every other street. Handi breaking contests have tough competition and tougher competitors.

Sankranti, Yugadi, Dipavali, Dasara, Durga Puja, Rama Navami are all celebrated nowadays much more than in the previous generation, say about 25 years ago.

We find that many festivals are moving more and more into the public domain while retaining their private aspects. Regarding religious practices, the activity is now higher than it was in the earlier generations. Group singing of Soundarya Lahari, kumkumarchanas, homas, and yajnas seem to be increasing.

Temples are overflowing may be the same with Churches and Mosques. Old temples in several villages are being renovated and people both local and those who have migrated are actively contributing to these initiatives. Religious gurus are attracting more followers and there is a wider audience for their discourses.

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Some of the Indian traditional dresses such as dhoti, turban for mensari, langa-blouse-daavani for girls are becoming rare.

The westernization of Indian clothing started during the British rule.

The effect of the western culture on the unangan people

Indian dresses continue to live well. The traditional dresses are common on all special occasions including amongst youngsters. The salwar-kameez, kurta-pyjama, mundu, sari, and such are still commonly used.

The effect of the western culture on the unangan people

Of late, barbecues, steaks, pasta, lasagna, spaghetti, tacos, and other foods are also making their presence felt. When the major Western food joints started operations in India, there were widespread fears that it was the end of Indian foods like dosa and idli.

No such thing has happened. The Indian foods, with all their regional traditional identities, have in fact grown stronger. There is enough demand for the appam as there is for the roomali rotis. The rasgullas and the Mysore paks are both relished with equal fervor.

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Some special dishes that were getting quite rare a decade ago are now reappearing and are even being marketed commercially. Arts Western music and dance are quite popular among urban Indians.Effect of the Impact of Western Culture in India: A Critical Analysis of Western Culture V/s Indian Culture Impact of Western Culture in India over Indian Culture is visible in every sphere of life.

Indian culture which is one of the oldest & richest cultures of the world has amalgamated and mixed with different cultures of the world. Aleut: Aleut, a native of the Aleutian Islands and the western portion of the Alaska Peninsula of northwestern North America.

The name Aleut derives from the Russian; the people refer to themselves as the Unangas and the Sugpiaq.

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Western culture was the technical one and that can made many technical elements and the applications to the African culture and by the effect of the Western culture they had developed day by day. The musical contribution of the European culture was one of significant contribution to the African culture and the technical applications of the.

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Beyond that and this is important, culture is about people’s total way of life; the way people live, eat, worship, produce, create and recreate. It is the totality of a set of bequeathed The Effects of Western Civilisation and Culture on Africa. Afro Asian Journal of Social . Aleut people speak Unangam, Atkan dialect or Western Aleut or Aliguutax Strands of grasses or reeds were overlaid upon the basic weaving surface, to obtain a plastic effect. Basketry was an art reserved for First, that people of non-western cultures may come to western medicine holding different beliefs about the causes and treatments of illness from those of scientific medicine, causing a “culture.

Some people assume that Western culture always has bad effect on our culture. They worry that westernization or modernaization lead to the life style such as the alcohol and free sex Some people, especially youths, easily influenced to imitate this unsuitable life style.

However, actually Western culture is not all about that. “Civilization is what we have, culture is what we are”— Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.A girl of 16 wearing saree, going to temple with her granny in the morning. It sounds really shocking for today's teenagers as they are highly influenced by the western culture.

The cultural assumptions behind Western medicine