Revenue maximization container transportation company

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Revenue maximization container transportation company

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Revenue Maximization Strategies 9 I. Established in Maythe company had grown from a "lipat-bahay" service provider to what it is now: The name "Frolics" has its roots.

Rodolfo Bayos was a marketing graduate of San Beda College. While in college, he was an active player in school activities, one of which was the school's annual "frolics" festivity. As active alumni of the school, this "frolicking" continued on at FRRB where everyday is a happy day for each employee, which the company believes is necessary as it extends to their day-to-day work to satisfy and delight the needs and requirements of its customers.

FRRB provides transportation and logistical solutions to business requirements in transporting, distribution and delivery of goods from any point of Luzon to anywhere in the Philippines. Freight is typically transported over roads and highways.

With RO-RO Roll-on Roll-off services provided by inter-island shipping companies, it enables the company to provide transport services all the way to Mindanao.

Revenue maximization container transportation company

The firm utilizes company-owned trucks, employee drivers and stevedores who are assigned to a specific customer. With a dedicated transportation and logistical supervisor, this individual, plans, schedules and directs all transportation routes providing technical and communicational support to all drivers in-transit to specific customers.

Through innovative marketing and competitive pricing strategy, the company achieved the reputation of being one of the most admired small and medium scale companies in transportation and logistical provider industry. In this very competitive industry where high turnover of drivers and stevedores is prevalent, availability of dedicated and customer friendly manpower had become a competitive edge in the business.

One thing that FRRB stands out among the competition other than its competitive pricing is its ability to maintain its growing number of drivers and stevedores. The company had achieved a wide reputation as the "employee friendly" company as it helps, support and motivates its people - the company's most important asset.

VISION Our vision is to become the local leader in transportation and logistics industry in providing fast, reliable and cost efficient logistical solutions to our customers.Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Volume 22, Number 12 (December ) pp A SPECIAL SECTION Selected Peer-Reviewed Articles from the Advancement on Informatics, Business and Management.

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