Humour in a midsummer nights dream essay

Love goes awry for two couples when the mischevious fairy, Oberon gets involved. It abounds with humour from the get go. Image from Wikipedia In Act four, scene one, Nick Bottom is shown to be an ass for an umpteenth time.

Humour in a midsummer nights dream essay

To create humor in drama, one must either make witty wordplay, create an amusing situation, or use physical comedy.

Humour in a midsummer nights dream essay

Often jokes may be incorporated into a play, or a comic situation may result in a series of complicated antics. The tradition for some of these comic devices has been carried over for hundreds of years, dating back to Shakespeare in the 's. All result in a farcical mix of comic situations.

Humour in a midsummer nights dream essay

Wordplay, such as the use of oxymorons, is an abundant source of humor in Shakespeare. The word oxymoron comes from the Greek meaning "pointedly foolish. For example, Quince refers to the play of Pyramus and Thisbe as "the most lamentable comedy.

However, as it turns out, the pathetic production they eventually put on is so bad it actually is lamentable. What Bottom is trying to say is that he will speak in a "very" little voice. Bottom does not realize what he has said and creates amusing confusion for the reader.

One of Helena's oxymorons is in Act 3, scene 2, line The ignorance of Bottom and his friends seems to be bottomless and voluminous and results not only in oxymorons, but also in "malapropisms. Sometimes the ignorant use of the wrong word is funny simply because stupid characters look foolishly pretentious.

This is often the case with Bottom, who tries constantly to appear extremely educated and uses long impressive words without any clue as to their real meaning. I have an exposition interpretation of sleep come upon me. Quince says that the play can not go on without Bottom, who is the very "paramour" of a sweet voice IVii 8.

This malapropism is doubly funny, because instead of using the word that Quince meant to say, "paragon" an example of perfectionhe says "paramour", which means mistress.

The idea of Bottom as a mistress makes the malapropism even funnier. The joke can go even further, since Bottom does become Titania's donkey paramour. Wordplay is not the only type of humor generated in Shakespeare's play.


The other type of humor is a form of slapstick in which mistaken identities cause an uproar of emotional mix-ups. The background of the play is a simple love "square" involving four people.

Hermia and Demetrious are engaged to wed against Hermia's will. They all end up running off into the wood on a magic eve where fairy mischief turns everything upside down. While asleep, Puck, a fairy, squeezes juice from a flower that makes whomever's eye it enters fall in love with the first person they see.

He puts it onto Lysander's eye, thinking he was Demetrius. This begins the havoc of mistaken identities, because Helena is the first person he sees, which causes him to fall in love with her instead of Hermia. Every encounter the couples have gets more confusing and exasperating.

Helena, whose love has been hopeless and pathetically in vain, thinks that Lysander and Demetrius are mocking her, because they are both ,suddenly, madly and mysteriously in love with her.

Her fury with both the boys as they follow her around hopelessly in love, is filled with humor.Shakespeare’s comedies, like those of most Renaissance playwrights, involve love and its obstacles. Much of the comedy in A Midsummer Night’s Dream derives from the attempt of Lysander and.

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By; orange lim I used to think that life w0uld be easier if you had friends there t0. Shakespeare’s use of comedy in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Shakespeare creates comedy in his play “A Midsummer Night’s dream” through the different scenarios in the play that take place which all have at least an element of humour.

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