How to negotiate with a hotel

Depending on the time of year, the hotel company and a few other determining factors, it may be possible to phone the hotel and bargain for a better price for your stay. Time Your Travels To have leverage with your hotel of choice, the hotel has to feel like it needs you more than you need it. Schedule your trip for the low season in order to score the best deals on hotel rooms.

How to negotiate with a hotel

And yet so many planners have poor negotiating skills that lead to higher expenses for the organizations they represent. In many cases, the person responsible for negotiating a deal simply accepts all conditions from the hotel at face value without asking for a single concession.

So how can you get better at negotiating with a hotel? While there is no magic bullet to get better at negotiating with a hotel, following the rules below will give you more confidence at the table. The problem is that trying to get group rates from a dozen hotels can take weeks by phone.

Most meeting or group planners end up negotiating with just one or two hotels usually the ones that responded firstand call it a day.

The problem with this method is that it is time consuming and yields minimal savings. As soon as you submit yours groups details, dozens of hotels in your desired city and price range will respond i. Try it out and you will never go back to calling hotels individually.

Doing this will deflect the question without offending the other party. Why is this important? Because as you proceed through the negotiations, you can use the cut-off date as leverage.

Because they want to get out of there and go on with their lives

Even something as small as the cut-off date is negotiable. The golden rule is to never concede anything without getting something in return. Despite that, many people still try it to see how far they can push the other side. Doing so puts the hotel sales manager into a corner, forcing them to make a decision quickly.

Rule #1: Don’t Negotiate Group Hotel Rates

And that decision most often will not be favorable for the person giving the ultimatum. Because people inherently do not like their choices limited. Add overly aggressive negotiating tactics and it becomes much easier for the sales department to just say no.

Instead, try taking your time with the sales manager and understand their needs as a business. The more time the manager has vested in the deal, the more concessions they are likely to give in to. Your guests will spend additional monies at the bar, gift shops, parking, meeting rooms, etc.

Using the total anticipated spend as your bargaining chip instead of just the rooms portion will give you more leverage. The manager is just looking to see if you will agree to the price.

First offers should simply be treated as a starting point of negotiations, not a point of fact. Never accept a first offer from a hotel. Everything is Negotiable Even if the sales manager says that something is non-negotiable, it is.

Oftentimes it is just a matter of knowing what the hotel needs are. For example, a hotel we recently booked for our annual convention would not budge on the meeting room fee despite our best efforts. After researching a bit, we found out that there was a large piece of business that was looking for similar dates as ours and so the hotel was less inclined to give anything away.

Promises Are Not Contracted When negotiating, a sales manager may make certain promises that are not in the contract. Inevitably, the service that was promised is not delivered and you are left holding the bag. As a general rule, if the hotel promises anything, have it put in the contract.

Doing so will help you avoid a clash with the hotel staff during your event. Written agreements also come in handy when one of the negotiating parties switched jobs before the event is commenced. Take your time to understand every aspect of the deal, read through the contract, and ask as many questions as it takes.

The benefit of time is that it makes the other side more vested in getting the deal done.

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The more time you spend at the hotel, the better a deal you will end up with. Walk Away This one is simple. There are dozens of hotels in most cities and while your heart may be set on one, it is best to sometimes walk away. Leave the negotiating table, and start talking to other hotels.Navigating hotel contract talks can be intimidating.

Here are some tips to successfully negotiate a rate that makes sense for your bottom line.

How to negotiate with a hotel

Hotels forecast occupancy and rates on a daily basis, so the more time you have between booking and the check-in date, the higher the chances the hotel will be . 39 proven event planning strategies for negotiating with venues and hotels – Part 2 Jeff Kear on September 16, Note: This post is the second of a two .

For example, if you are paying for all the hotel rooms for your guests, don’t offer that information up front. Get a quote from the hotel and then during negotiations, ask to see if the hotel will offer a bigger discount if you pay for all the rooms in advance.

The demand for hotel services has steadily increased these past few years, tilting the negotiating leverage in favor of preferred properties rather than the event planning clients. This has put extra pressure on event planners to find ways to negotiate with hotel sales to lower some of those expenses.

Top 15 tips to negotiate hotel rates will help you get the most out the the price you pay each time you stay in a hotel. 1. Give yourself plenty of time. Hotels forecast occupancy and rates on a daily basis, so the more time you have between booking and the check-in date, the higher the chances the hotel will be able to drop the rates.

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