Gulp rename overwrite a file

SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.

Gulp rename overwrite a file

Are you sure you want to delete this reply? This cannot be undone. Cancel TheShiftExchange replied 4 years ago Yeah - it wasnt a good place to put it - I just needed a quick place to 'build' the solution while I worked out the solution.

Now I know it works perfectly I'll refactor it into a class later. And you mean https: The problem I had with that, was that it had to use different.

Cancel TheShiftExchange replied 4 years ago barryvdh said: You can just use HTML:: Yes - much better idea - I just hacked something together, but I'll refactor the code into there. Yes - sorry - I'll edit my post The problem I had with that, was that it had to use different.

Yes - which is why you combine it with gulp-rename as in my code above so you can rename the manifest to whatever you want - that was the trick that took me a while to work out.

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In my case I run "back" and "front" gulps, so I do a css. Cancel TheShiftExchange replied 4 years ago p. If the filename never changes, it is the same file version!

gulp rename overwrite a file

You can also do this with images if you want as well Cancel mcraz replied 4 years ago I am not a very frontend-y dev so I might be wrong. Isn't an asset pipeline all that you need to do all of this:Hi @Forest My ReplaceTokens task won't work on zip files.

However, if you're using webdeploy, then the replaceTokens task works on the file which lives alongside the zip file, so you don't need to unzip or zip at all. May 16,  · After doing the basic install of Node and Gulp, Unzip the file and the folder will become a working directory for your extensions.

Feel free to rename this parent folder to whatever you want — just don't modify the content files. This is a repost of my answer to a similar question.

Recommended Setup

The ZIP file format includes a directory (index) at the end of the archive. This directory says where, within the archive each file is located and thus allows for quick, random access, without reading the entire archive.

Next, move the directory called SCSS-MOVEME up one directory, and rename it to scss. This directory should now sit side-by-side with the www directory. Now, run the command npm install from directly inside the myapp folder.

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Let's say I want to replace the version number in a bunch of files, many of which live in subdirectories. I will pipe the files through gulp-replace to run the regex-replace function; but I will ultimately want to overwrite all the original files..

The task might look something like this. Introduction Overview. Rollup is a module bundler for JavaScript which compiles small pieces of code into something larger and more complex, such as a library or application.

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