Apache and mod rewrite and htaccess wordpress

Workstations are restricted with limited internet access. These controls are often less strict on mobile devices or sometimes not presentespecially with BYOD being implemented more and more. While phishing, Apache access logs often show mobile devices accessing the malicious page, yet no sessions are established. The post series is intended to introduce you to using Apache as a phishing redirector and using it to solve common phishing problems, and will hopefully pique your interest into learning more about what Apache can do for your phishing.

Apache and mod rewrite and htaccess wordpress

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Is it correct in the above example? Yes, the order of the directives in Apache config. In fact, simply having directives in the wrong order is a common cause of error.

Primarily you should always have external redirects before internal rewrites. In what you have posted, the order of the directives look OK. But for each module the directives execute top to bottom.

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However, it can be placed anywhere in the file and it will still work at the expense of readability! Strictly speaking, if you have multiple RewriteEngine directives then the last one wins and controls the entire file.

In fact, you probably don't need to check this at all. If not, then there is no need to check for this - it should simply fail with an appropriate error state.

apache and mod rewrite and htaccess wordpress

The last RewriteBase directive in the config file wins and controls the entire config file like the RewriteEngine directive mentioned above. If you include a RewriteBase directive then it should really be included just once immediately below the RewriteEngine directive.

As it happens, apart from the slight error mentioned below, you don't actually require the RewriteBase directive in the file posted above. The RewriteBase directive overrides the directory-prefix that is added to relative path substitutions in the RewriteRule.

You don't have any relative path substitutions - apart from that mentioned below.

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By hand coding the config file recommendedthis can be avoided. With it being an external redirect, you should really have a slash prefix on the substitution ie. But, more importantly, you should remove the space in the RewriteRule flags ie.

A space is a delimiter in Apache config files ie.Put webkandii.comss directives directly in apache I'd like to move the webkandii.comss directives into the webkandii.com in order to speed up the services.

However, I can't seem to make this work and have tried a number of ways. This post is part of a step-by-step series on installing WordPress on Linux (CentOS 6). As shown here, when we setup pretty permalinks webkandii.comss we end up having to do it webkandii.com is also mentioned by Apache that webkandii.comss causes a performance hit, so why not just configure Apache properly to beging with and avoid the performance hit?

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asked. 6 years, 8 months ago public directory webkandii.comss.

apache and mod rewrite and htaccess wordpress

4. PHP/Apache: Rewrite rules webkandii.comss. webkandii.comss rewrites one url, not the other. 2. Rewrite rule for subfolder. 0. Mod_Rewrite on. Jun 29,  · HTACCESS Tutorial: Apache’s mod_rewrite RewriteCond Statement. June 29, HTACCESS, Redirection force redirection to www.

version of a site, htaccess redirection Tutorial WDH. Force redirect the NON www version to www. version by HTACCESS. Proudly powered by WordPress.

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Mod_rewrite is a powerful Apache module that provides URL manipulation capability. The sophisticated feature allows webmasters to rewrite URLs and this is a common practice in many content management systems coding like WordPress.

Htaccess Rewrites are enabled by using the Apache module mod_rewrite, which is one of the most powerful Apache modules and features availale.

Htaccess Rewrites through mod_rewrite provide the special ability to Rewrite requests internally as well as Redirect request externally.

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