Animal-assisted therapy essay

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Animal-assisted therapy essay

The growing elderly population translated to the growing need for efficient assistance and treatment strategies. In response to this need, there has been increasing attention given to animal-assisted therapy.

Having pets was observed to impact humans of different ages through the bond they were able to create with each other Swabe, The intent of this research is to analyze the effect of utilizing of pet therapies to address the physiological and psychological health problems of the elderly population.

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Findings from this study will provide the significance of pet therapy in the wide array of treatment and intervention strategies that were employed for the said population. Most of the current research that existed to measure the impact of pet therapy on humans was limited to short-term 6 months or less period of Animal-assisted therapy essay.

There was a gap in the literature when it came to the long-term effects of pet therapy with the quality of life of the elderly population. Quality of life could be understood in terms of physiological and psychological pain.

On the other hand, the effects of pet therapy on the psychological aspects included social interaction, depression, motivation and joy.

Animal-Assisted Therapy | Essay Example

The purpose of this study will be to test the theories of pet therapy that relates pet therapy to the physiological and psychological effects on the quality of life of the elderly, controlling for the period of time the participants could interact with the pets and observing the changes that they could undergo at the nursing home.

Pet therapy would be generally defined an intervention wherein animals becomes a part of the treatment procedure of the patients All et al. Identification of Variables Independent Variable Pet therapy will be considered as the independent variable in this study. The pets are non-bounded trained dogs accompanied by a certified animal assisted therapy AAT handler.

The presence of the handler was minimized in regards to their effect on participants. Dependent Variable The dependent variable will be the physiological and psychological effects of the independent variable on the quality of life of the elderly population.

Research Questions The following research questions would be used to guide the research for a quantitative research study of the effect of pet therapy on the physiological and psychological effects of the patients: How did animal assisted therapy influence the physiological and psychological health of the quality of life of the elderly?

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Was there a difference determined between short term and long term effects of animal assisted therapy? Will AAT have lasting effects i. Will these effects be positive or negative?

Hypotheses, Assumption and Scope There will be a significant and positive in the physiological and psychological aspects of the quality of life in the elderly population.

Long-term AAT will have a beneficial effect on the aspects of quality of life, which includes improvements in blood pressure, heart rate, pain, stress, depression and others. This research study has the assumption that animals have an effect on human beings.

The scope of this study involved an exploration of the long-term effects that these animals had on the participants.

Animal-Assisted Therapy Essay Sample

It would also be focused on the changes physiological and psychological health of the elderly as a result to animal contact.Animal-assisted therapy sprouted from the idea and initial belief in the supernatural powers of animals and animal spirits.

First appearing in the groupings of early hunter gatherer societies. In modern times Animals are seen as “agents of socialization” and as providers of “social support and relaxation.”.

Animal-assisted therapy essay

Animal Assisted Therapy And Occupational Therapy Words | 9 Pages Abstract The advantages and disadvantages of animal-assisted therapy (AAT) are examined, with a particular focus on the implications of implementing animal-assisted therapy within occupational therapy.

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It has numerous benefits to offer and is becoming more widely accepted as a medical practice by doctors and the general public. [Animal therapy, also called Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT), is a blanket term for a wide range of activities, good-for-you benefits, and a diverse group of animals that are able to help.] 7 This process is a goal directed intervention in which an animal meeting specific criteria is .

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